Global Fellows


Water1st Global Fellows are selected to participate in a Global Development field seminar in our project communities.


Applications for the 2017-18 Global Fellows Program in rural Honduras are now closed.
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Water1st Global Fellows are a select group of high school students who participate in an intensive global development field seminar in our project communities. This year’s Global Fellows will travel to rural Lempira Honduras, January 12–20, 2018.

The Global Fellows program was developed to expose the next generation of global leaders to the complexities of poverty and the importance of a community-led philosophy of development with the intent to encourage effective development strategies moving forward.

Global Fellows are leaders who are motivated to make an impact on one of the world’s biggest problems; they are collaborative, adaptive, and self-aware.

Our curriculum prepares students for a field seminar in extremely poor communities in Honduras, and includes resources and guidance to support the analytical thinking process around the topic of global development. Global Fellows learn the importance of entering project communities with respect, humility, and a willingness to listen and learn from poor people who understand their needs best. Students will end their journey with a new perspective and a powerful voice to advocate for the people they meet who are in need of clean water and toilets.


October – November: We begin with an overview of our journey and discussion of the Water1st philosophy of development.

December: Students read a common text and consider ways to document their journey to support their advocacy work upon their return. Fellows & parents meet with our Director of International Development who will answer all travel-related questions.

January – travel to Honduras: Our classroom in rural Honduras will provide us with a new environment and experiential learning opportunities that will support the following topics for discussion: overview of the culture & history of Honduras, community-led development, monitoring & evaluation, technology, tenets of Water1st philosophy, and the economic ladder of development.

March and onwards: Global Fellows are guided through post-travel personal reflection and create opportunities to share their experiences and new perspective with their families, peers, and Water1st youth board members.


Angele Hunskor, mother of Hayden
Global Fellows 2015-16 and 2016-17 programs:

My son is a two-time participant in the Global Fellows program and I can’t overstate how impactful these experiences were for him. He gained valuable insight into the complexities of global development and came home a much stronger and wiser advocate for those he met. He benefited from the confidence gained through independent travel but more than anything, he grew as a person and friend through deep connection with the other teens and adults on the journey. I will always be grateful for the amazing opportunity that Water1st entrusted to my son. I believe he will look back on it as one of the great learning experiences of his life.

Cindy Sackett , mother of Mackenzie
Global Fellows 2016-17 program:

Mackenzie came home from her experience with Water 1st noticeably more mature in her awareness of life around her. She seems to have learned the appreciation of the life she is living in a way I’m not sure her father and I could have instilled. She is grateful to have been given the opportunity and I believe has just begun her impact on philanthropy.



Freya Wiedemann

10 grade, Garfield High School

Seattle, WA

“I am extremely thankful I was able to go to Honduras with the rest of the Global Fellows. It really opened my eyes to all the privileges in my life that I, and others, take for granted. I’m very excited to have been able to witness these communities receive water that will change their lives, and I hope to be able to go back sometime and see the progress of the projects I saw on this trip.”

Peter Lenz candid

Peter Lenz

11 grade, Garfield High School

Seattle, WA

“I have been on the youth board for two years and this is my first year as a Global Fellow. The experience in Honduras was the most incredible of my life. When we went to our second water inauguration ceremony to celebrate the completion of a local water project . . . . see more

Emily P

Emily Piette

11 grade, Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences

Seattle, WA

“We hiked to the top of a hill to meet members representing numerous project communities. They met us to express their gratitude for funding their water project. In the hours leading up to this demonstration of thanks, we watched these people dig trenches, install water pipes, and ate an amazing meal they prepared. I found all I wanted to do was thank them . . . see more

mackenzie with kids

Mackenzie Sackett

10 grade, Lakeside High School

Seattle, WA

“At first the kids were very shy but once they opened up you could see how happy they are. They loved to get their pictures taken so they could see themselves afterward. This boy came up to me while I was taking pictures and without him saying a word I knew that he wanted his picture taken. When he saw the picture he smiled and laughed and being shy ran away. It turned out being the best picture I took the entire trip.”


Lauren Baty

10 grade, Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences

Seattle, WA

“6 years ago, I went to Ethiopia with Water1st and the trip opened my eyes to a whole other part of the world I didn’t even know existed. I became motivated to make a difference in people’s lives. Looking back on that trip, I have realized that Water1st has shaped me into the person I am today and I am forever grateful. By traveling to Honduras with Water1st I have gained new perspective on social issues and the water crisis.”

Hayden collecting water

Hayden Hunskor

10 grade, Lakeside High School

Seattle, WA

“I have been lucky enough to visit two project countries as a Global Fellow; Ethiopia last year and now Honduras. Traveling to these developing communities has broadened my worldview and deepened my understanding of global development. It is always astounding to see the work of Water 1st first hand and the commitment of project communities to lifting themselves out of the cycle of poverty.”


Sophia Coco

10 grade, Lakeside High School

Seattle, WA

The manner of giving is worth more than the gift. – Pierre Corneille.
“Playing with the village children in Honduras was one of the most rewarding activities of the entire trip. While they were all shy at first, the moment when they opened up to us was truly magical, and they were some of the kindest and most genuine children I have ever met.”


Audrey Donahue

9th grade, Holy Names Academy

Seattle, WA

“This was my first time being blessed with the opportunity to travel with Water 1st. I have been involved with the organization since I found out about it in the 5th grade, and hope to continue to support its inspiring and impactful mission far into my future. I am incredibly grateful that I was able to meet so many amazing people and experience their kindness and love. It was truly inspiring to witness so many people being united by love to work for something that is a basic human need.”

Tessa F

Tessa Fier

11th grade, Northwest School

Seattle, WA

“It was amazing to meet the children of Lempira, to see the people who would now grow up with water and how their lives would be changed.”