Middle School Board


A school year program – currently in Seattle, the Eastside (of Seattle) and Portland – for students in grades 6-8.



Applications for the 2017-18 school year are open. Spread the word!

Questions? Contact us.

SEATTLE: Applications closed for 2017-18.



– Attend quarterly board meetings per school year (approximately 1.5 hours each)

– Participate in outreach and advocacy opportunities as available (varies each year)

– Support the Carry5 Walk for Water as a volunteer and fundraiser


This school-year program empowers students to use their talents and networks to further the mission of Water1st. We provide students with the support and resources they need to be strong advocates, as well as the inspiration to become the next generation of global leaders.

The board is structured around three core parts: education, advocacy, and fundraising. In this way, students learn about the global water crisis and advance their personal skill set while changing lives in some of the poorest communities in the world. Students meet quarterly for approximately 1.5 hours and participate in outreach and advocacy opportunities in their communities as available.

Some topics include: global disparities in income and health, how the walk for water impacts women and girls, the importance of implementing sanitation alongside water projects, urban poverty vs. rural poverty, and community-led development.

We believe Middle Schoolers are smart, talented advocates and we are thankful so many youth are choosing to engage on a deeper level with the Water1st mission.

We also believe in pizza. There will always be pizza.


September to December: We begin with an introduction to the world water crisis (and to each other!). We specifically discuss how the the time and labor involved in water collection impacts women & girls.

January and February: All Water1st projects integrate toilets and hygiene education with water. We talk about why we take this approach to improve public health and implement projects that last.

March and onwards: We finish the year with discussions about community-led development & self-sufficiency. The program completes with participation in our annual Carry5 Walk for Water.