2015 Seattle CARRY5 Walk for Water

Over 700 Walkers Raise $120,000!


Thank you for ending the walk for water for another 1,600 people! Girls can go to school. Women have time to earn money. Children’s lives are saved. View the Carry5 Photo Gallery here>>

Donation pages are still active if you would like to contribute to this event!


Our Carry5 fundraisers did an amazing job as ambassadors for people who carry water every day. Thank you to everyone who set up a fundraising page, and everyone who supported the efforts of these fundraisers!

2015 Top Fundraising Teams:
1. The Northwest School ($10,399 x 2 thanks to a matching donor)
2. Eastside Catholic
3. Piette Water Walkers
4. Washington Middle School
5. Queen Anne Elementary

2015 Top Individual Fundraisers:
1. Giuliana Sercu ($6,800!)
2. Rachel Anderson
3. Nathaniel Caplan
4. Max Sarkowsky
5. Mia Cerceo

Outstanding Fundraisers:
This is a list of teams and individuals who deserve recognition for raising $750 or more, helping 10+ people access clean water and toilets for life!

The Desai Family
Melina Nilson and Natalia Kukolja
Zoe Barker-Aderem
Marge Rau & Team Grama
Isabel Schmidt
Macenna Hansen
Cameron Davis
Donna Verhasselt
Mosey Brown
Larry & Betty Nilson

Elli Lingappa
Kiran Lingappa
Sophie Harrison (read more about Sophie’s fundraising efforts here >>)
Lily Schwartz
Sam Kirley
Hamilton Middle School
Seattle Reign
St. Anne Cares
Bertschi Walkamolies

Bush School
The Well Wishers (McDonald School)
Lake & Company
Isabel’s Team
UPrep Pumps
L-Dub Fuerza
Nishka’s 10th (read about Nishka’s 10th birthday donation here >>)
Alaina & Anya Lewis
Roosevelt High School
Garfield High School Water1st Club
The Purifiers


Our In-Kind Sponsors:


For more information about Carry5, contact Jen Norling at 206.297.3024 or