Ten years ago, a toast was made to the founding of Water1st — “To Water1st!”…which was followed by, “and Beer2nd!”
“Hey,” we said, “that’s an event!”

Since then, Water1st-Beer2nd events have been held in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Chicago.

This April, Seattle is going back to the early W1B2 years…at Hale’s Palladium!

Join us Saturday, April 25 in support of water and sanitation projects in Honduras, Ethiopia, and Bangladesh. Microbrews. Food. ’70’s/’80’s cover band. Dancing.

Attention ’80’s music fans! The Dudley Manlove Quartet will be performing songs by Journey, David Bowie, The Cure, Bryan Adams, Prince, and more!

Hope to see you April 25! Cheers!



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