Earlier this month we visited our projects in Honduras and celebrated the completion of two community projects that you helped make possible. Clean water is now being piped directly to all 300 households and available at the turn of a tap!

At the San Bartolo-Capuca water inauguration ceremony, Eve (pictured above) stood before the community holding a heavy, clay pot. She told us the clay vessel was over 100 years old and used by women and girls in her family over the years to collect and carry water. She then threw the ‘cantaro’ to the ground, smashing it into pieces. An END to carrying water.

It is this image of Eve breaking the ‘cantaro’ that we take with us into 2015. May it remind us of what is possible. May more and more water-carrying vessels become relics, replaced with clean water faucets in every home.

Thank you for supporting this life-changing work. Here’s to an exciting 2015!