Just two weeks ago, Water1st staff was in Honduras visiting old and new projects, as well as communities in need of water systems. The visit was inspiring. Each community displayed a strength of spirit, an incredible commitment to hard work, and an ability to organize themselves and remain organized years later. And over and over […]


A Party of Happiness Our final stop on our January 2014 site visit was to the community of El Portillo El Paraiso (Gateway to Paradise) to see the progress they have made constructing their new water system. They have worked on the project every day and have progressed faster and further than than they expected. […]


Helping older water systems expand During our site visits over the past few years, we have encountered many older water systems that are functioning very well, but would like to expand their services to more people. In the United States when this happens, utilities are able to access credit, and users pay off these loans […]


We Teach You How to Fish Our January 2014 trip to Honduras included a visit to the Chimisal projects, three water systems completed in 2010 that serve four communities total – Tierra Colorada, Plan de Gallinero, San Antonio, and La Loma. We met with representatives of the four communities currently served by the water system, as […]

San Bartolo and Capuca projects under construction

We visited the communities of San Bartolo and Capuca, who together are building a single water system to serve both communities. All 100 families have worked hard and fast to construct this large project which contains about 11 miles of pipeline, all trenched by hand in just six months. They expect to complete construction and […]

Rosa & Manual enjoying clean water in their home

We started our Honduras visit in Agua Caliente, a project that was completed in 2008. After meeting with community members and enjoying a home-made chicken dinner with beans and tortillas (a theme of the week), we visited Manuel and Rosa at their home. We think the water system in Agua Caliente is going to last […]

100,000 people with clean water!

Thank you for helping us reach this milestone! Together, we have ended the walk for water for 101,000 people. Since 2005, your support has funded a total of 940 projects. So far this year, your gifts have brought clean, convenient water supplies, toilets, and hygiene education to an additional 19,255 people. We thank our dedicated […]

Water 1st’s Honduras partner ranked outstanding by independent evaluation

On my first trip to Honduras in the early 1990s, I visited the municipality of La Virtud in southern Lempira and learned a very good lesson:  implementing a water project that will last is not easy. The water project I was visiting suffered the same fate as an estimated 50% of water systems in poor […]

Celebrating Día Mundial del Agua

I just returned from a great visit to Honduras with three Water 1st board members, a hydrology student from the U of A and an engineering grad student from MIT. We were there to visit completed water and sanitation projects implemented by our local partner organization, to see how the projects are functioning one or […]