Bangladesh Reflections | Sophia Dettweiler

In December, I had the opportunity to travel to Bangladesh as a Water1st Global Fellow and see the tremendous impact of clean water and sanitation on the health, happiness, and dignity of slum communities. I saw the huge difference in quality of life between communities with and without clean water and sanitation. When we visited densely populated […]

An Update from Bangladesh | More complex than just clean water

It’s more complex than just clean water. In Bangladesh, Water1st is working in communities with some of the highest population densities in the world. Disease spreads rapidly in these environments, increasing the importance of a comprehensive solution to water and sanitation challenges. Our local colleagues, Dushtha Shasthya Kendra (DSK), provide access to clean water and toilets […]

Update from Mozambique | Cyclone Recovery Efforts & Water System Progress

Following the cyclone that struck the region around Bilibiza, Mozambique this past April, residents have returned to rebuild their homes and are beginning to resume normal daily activities. With Water1st’s financial assistance, the community is engaged in cooperative efforts to plant gardens with short rotation crops, primarily vegetables. The sooner they can harvest the crops, […]

Update from San Gabriel | 12 years later

In 2006 Water1st embarked on the construction of its very first community water system in rural Honduras. The isolated mountainside village of San Gabriel began by digging five miles of pipeline trench and constructing their own 6,500-gallon storage tank. This past March, during a routine monitoring visit, we returned to the community of San Gabriel. We […]

Cyclone Kenneth update from Mozambique

On April 25, 2019, Cyclone Kenneth, the most powerful tropical storm ever to make landfall in Africa, made a direct hit to the region where Water1st’s partner GSB works. Our partner organization staff have checked in safe, but they are scrambling to secure shelter and food for themselves. Their homes are badly damaged and they […]

New friends, Bridget and Jaime, walk for water

Bridget is a high school sophomore who traveled to Honduras as part of the Water1st Global Fellows program, a Global Development field seminar in our project communities. This week-long experience includes one day of carrying water with women and girls from a project community. The Global Fellows, along with our network of youth advocates across the […]

Introducing the community of Azacualpa Centro

Azacualpa Centro is a community of 1,040 people with breathtaking views in rural Honduras. Most people work a variety of jobs depending on the season: they care for livestock, clear fields, and pick coffee. Every day, the women and girls walk to collect water for their families from the natural springs scattered across the mountainside, […]

“I am beautiful!” | An update from Mozambique

Water has been flowing for over a year now in the community of 19 de Outubro, Mozambique and hope is in the air. An important part of our work is to listen to the community members we serve. The impact of our work is always visually obvious to us when visiting a community post-water project, […]

Now my days start with a cup of coffee instead of a walk for water.

We first met Gloria Benitez, a mother of fourteen, in Las Cañadas, Honduras in 2017. We were introduced to her at a meeting near her water source where she collected murky water from a shallow stream. Gloria spoke first, describing how Water1st was one of many delegations to visit her community that so desperately needed […]