Ethiopia Water Tour: “You have reached me before my time has passed”

A group of Water1st supporters will journey to Ethiopia for our 11th Water Tour. Since our first tour in 2006, 130 people have traveled with us to see our work firsthand. “You have reached me before my time has passed.” Every Water Tour has its defining moment. For the very first Water Tour, that moment unfolded […]

10 years ago, a toast was made…”To Water1st!” … “and Beer2nd!”

Water1st-Beer2nd Ten years ago, a toast was made to the founding of Water1st — “To Water1st!”…which was followed by, “and Beer2nd!” “Hey,” we said, “that’s an event!” Since then, Water1st-Beer2nd events have been held in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Chicago. This April, Seattle is going back to the early W1B2 years…at Hale’s Palladium! Join […]

In Mari Tuji’s Own Words: From “Miserable” to “The Best”

In celebration of our 10th Anniversary, we will be sending you a “then and now” story once a month through the end of the year, highlighting the changes that the Water1st community has made possible around the world. We hope you enjoy this look at the impact you’ve had these past 10 years. Mari Tuji—then […]