A Party of Happiness

Our final stop on our January 2014 site visit was to the community of El Portillo El Paraiso (Gateway to Paradise) to see the progress they have made constructing their new water system. They have worked on the project every day and have progressed faster and further than than they expected. In only sixth months they’ve excavated over 7 kilometers of pipeline trench by hand, have completed the water tank, and are building toilets for every household. Soon their days of walking up to two hours to fetch water will be in the past.

We met with community members under the trees overlooking the spectacular mountain views of southern Lempira. Here, they shared their tremendous gratitude to the Water1st donors for making their project possible and strengthening them with their support. “We are so very happy,” said an elder in the community. “It’s like a party of happiness. I will never cease to pray for the Water1st donors for making this project possible.”

Community members pose by their recently completed water tank (above).