Giuliana Sercu is a freshman at Eastside Catholic. She and her mom traveled to Ethiopia two years ago to see the work of Water 1st firsthand. It made an impact on her. And it inspired her to spread the word to others and raise money for the cause. She set a goal of raising $5,000 for Carry5 and raised over $10,000! 

At 14, she is leading by example.

“I am passionate about Water 1st because I am aware. In 2011, I had the opportunity to travel to Ethiopia with Water 1st. Once you learn about the cause, and see how people are affected by this problem, it is hard not to become passionate. Clean water is a right and everyone should have access to it. After going to Ethiopia and seeing people suffering from lack of clean water firsthand, I want to do all I can to better the lives of people like the Ethiopians I met.

I also realize that so little can actually do so much. $75 provides clean water to someone for life. To many of us, $75 is nothing and yet it can have such a big impact on someone’s life. Carry 5 is also a fun, local event and it is a great way to teach people about Water 1st and why it is such an important cause. Most will not be able to travel to a Water 1st community, so Carry 5 helps others realize why they should support Water 1st.

I am already very passionate about Water 1st, so it is easy for me to put effort into something I care so deeply about! To raise money, I first create an online fundraising page. This is set up with my goal and general information about Water 1st and the event. Next, I formulate a letter and email it to many family members and friends. I also print out the letter and send a hard copy to relatives that do not use email. Then, I talk to friends and other people I know about it so that they or their parents can donate; I just make sure to get the thought planted in people’s mind, and get people thinking about it! It is so easy to send an email or letter, and talk to others. People are extremely generous and so willing to help that it makes fundraising fun and easy!”

You can do the same. Start fundraising for Water 1st and people that need clean water!

Giuliana carrying water with villagers (below) and working on a community water project during Water 1st’s Ethiopia Water Tour, 2011.