Elli is a 7th grader at TOPS K-8 and serves on the Water1st Middle School Board. Through her participation in Carry5, she has raised $10,000 for water projects.

“When I first heard about Carry5 I was in 2nd grade. Water1st came to our school and showed us a video about girls and women who had to walk miles to get water for their families. It looked like a hard life.

A group of friends and I have participated in Carry5 for the last five years. We’ve sloshed along carrying water, often pulled by enthusiastic dogs (we strap water on their backs too).  It feels like such an accomplishment to finish the 5-kilometer walk.

To raise money, we set up a lemonade, mango lassi, and seedling stand. Strangers stop to get a drink, we tell them all about Carry5, and then give them a seedling for donating. So many people are happy to give.

Over the years of doing the Walk for Water, I’ve gathered a deeper understanding of what the event represents and how lucky we are to be able to turn on the tap in our kitchen or bathroom and have clean water come out.”