8-year-old Sophie is raising money for the Seattle Carry5 Walk for Water on May 31. So far she’s raised nearly $525. Here’s her story.

“I have a lot of things to do (like school, piano, soccer, campfire club and climbing) but I am doing this because out of all of those things, Water1st is the most important. I heard about this cause when I was 6, and I had a garage sale. My mom showed me a video of what it looks like when kids have to carry water. Right away, I told myself that all of the money from that garage sale would go to Water1st. Now I want to raise more money for Water1st when I can.”


“I’m raising money for the Carry5 Walk in a few ways. First I am raising money from walking door to door and asking people if they want to donate, and if they donate $20 or more I will sew them a bag. Lots of people donated, so I am sewing a lot of bags! Also, I am raising money through the website. People are really generous.”

“It’s easy for me to get water from the tap. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have such a hard time getting water.”

Want to join Sophie at the Carry5 Walk for Water? Learn more and REGISTER here >>