Let’s Build Toilets People Will Use

Dezenove de Outubre, Mozambique is located in the Cabo Delgado region, on the side of a paved road to Tanzania, where several long-distance buses make pit stops each day. During a 2017 visit, one community member told me that he is ashamed when the buses stop, as it allows outsiders to see how they live. […]

People Without Clean Water Need Smart Investments

In remote and impoverished communities around the world, I’ve heard new water systems described as a dream come true, winning the lottery, and God touching the Earth. There is no under-estimating the significance of the end to the all-consuming daily walk for water. Over 2 billion people still lack access to water that is safe […]

Honoring our 2020 Water Ambassador: John Crossman

Each year we recognize a member of our community whose contributions to our work are remarkable. This year we are honored to celebrate John Crossman as our 2020 Water Ambassador. John’s brilliant mind and unique background contribute to the invaluable support he has provided us over the past fifteen years – from his service in […]