Queen Anne Elementary’s 2nd grade classes learned about the global water crisis and the work of Water1st this spring. They kids shared stories about water with one another, and during music class, under Connor Desai’s leadership, took the stories and created lyrics to a song that will be performed at their school assembly.

QAE came out in force for the Carry5 Walk for Water on May 4th. They were awarded the Top 5 Fundraising Team and the Team with the Most Walkers with 77 registered walkers!

Thank you, Queen Anne Elementary, for living out the mission of Water1st and demonstrating that each one of us can make a difference and help end the water crisis.

Though We May Be Slight, We Can Lead This Fight

The first time I valued water
The tap was running brown
I filled up a glass to drink from
But rusty specks came down

It made me wake up
Clean water is a human right
Though we may be slight
We can lead this fight alright
If you listen then you’ll know it’s true
Let us speak to you
And you’ll know just what to do