Water1st celebrated World Toilet Day (Nov. 19th) with a bit of fun: a haiku contest.

We received 184 haiku entries from all over the country. In addition to raising $184 for Water1st, we believe we can claim the largest toilet haiku collection in the world. After consulting with Water1st’s haiku experts, we have a three-way tie! Thank you to everyone who participated. And look for our next fun contest on March 22, 2014 – World Water Day.

Congratulations to the following winners, who will each receive a custom coffee mug with their haiku on it:

Brenda Gannam of Brooklyn, NY
As an invention
I would say that the toilet
Surely trumps the wheel

Meredith King Riordan of Cuyahoga Falls, OH
“Eau de toilette” is
Not just French perfume, but a
Better way of life

Adam Karl of Seattle, WA
A sewer system
Underground metal branches
Its flowers: Toilets

Read all the submissions here.