The community of Dawo Kara, Ethiopia continues to make progress on their new water project. Our partner organization, Water Action, and the local government are working together to increase household sanitation conditions. Since the start of the project, 150 pit latrines have been constructed. Now 250 households in the Dawo Kara community have latrines. Another great sign that our partner and the local government are coordinating closely is the actual transfer of 100,000 Ethiopian Birr (about $5,000 US) from the government to the Water Action project account. The local government agreed to cost-share in the Dawo Kara project in 2013. The first of two promised transfers has actually taken place. Transfers from the government to a non-profit group like Water Action are rare. We congratulate Water Action for their ability to gain the trust and cooperation of the community and the local government.

[Photo: women of Dawo Kara, Ethiopia collecting water from a traditional source. A new water project is under construction to replace this contaminated source and bring water closer to everyone’s homes.]