Water1st is proud to support COCEPRADIL, our outstanding local partner in Honduras, serving communities in Lempira, one of the poorest, most isolated regions of the country. COCEPRADIL is a cooperative composed of communities that have previously completed water and sanitation projects. The cooperative exists to assist communities with long-term system maintenance and to construct new systems for communities in need. The model is astonishingly effective. We believe the COCEPRADIL headquarters should be a learning center for development organizations around the world.

COCEPRADIL’s projects provide the highest level of service possible. Each household receives a water connection and a water-seal toilet. The communities invest an enormous amount of labor to complete the project. The investment always pays off. Households flourish and hygiene conditions improve dramatically when an ample supply of water is piped directly to the home. In a world full of uncertain outcomes, this is a sure bet.



Population: 9,038,741
Living below the poverty line: 29.6%
Our Local Partner: COCEPRADIL


40 projects serving 59 communities
17,902 people with clean water


10 projects serving more than 14,098 people in 28 communities

*Source: World Factbook

projects under construction

completed projects

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Receiving the first independent evidence-based evaluation from the Water for Life Rating System and scoring “Highly Recommended for Future Funding.”

Mandating that all new projects incorporate household water meters.

Establishing a loan program to help communities replace old infrastructure and add meters.

Adapting their program to server larger rural town contexts.

Expanding into new municipalities in northern Lempira.

Collaboration with local government to provide back-up support to community Water Committees.


The greatest challenge in Honduras is the lack of international donor support. In the past decade, aid to Central America has decreased dramatically.

In Ethiopia and Bangladesh, Water1st is one of several donors supporting our local partners; Water1st’s funding comprises about 1/3 of their water and sanitation program budgets. But in Honduras, Water1st provides 90-100% of COCEPRADIL’s annual water and sanitation program budget. There are very few funding entities investing heavily in Honduras. Those that are providing aid have not consistently funded COCEPRADIL, one of Honduras’ most effective water and sanitation organizations working in one of the poorest regions of the hemisphere.

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