From the Field: Meet the inspiring leaders of Dargah Sharif, Bangladesh

Empowering Community Leaders Meet the leaders of Dargah Sharif, a neighborhood of Khulna, Bangladesh, home to 3,000 people. This committee was organized and trained by our local partner Dushtha Shasthya Kendra (DSK) to address the water & sanitation needs of their community and, in the committee’s words, ‘to reduce inequality.’ Their accomplishments are inspiring. Seeking […]

Decentralized wastewater treatment R&D

Visit the community of Tarabo, Bangladesh: “Now we feel good about our neighborhood.” Only 2% of wastewater for 18 million people living in Dhaka is treated before discharge to waterways Over 18 million people live in the Dhaka metro area, with 4 million living in informal housing surrounding the city. Dhaka is located on the […]

Project Community Update | the impact of COVID-19

The leadership of our partners during this unprecedented pandemic has proven nothing short of extraordinary. The effective and unified actions of our in-country partners are protecting our project regions and saving lives. They are demonstrating the multitude of ways in which trusted leaders can mobilize and protect a community through effective messaging—this influence doesn’t happen […]

Update from Bangladesh | Be inspired

The urban slum communities we support in Bangladesh consist of hard-working rickshaw drivers, domestic workers, and other low-wage earners. They survive one day at a time, without personal savings or a safety net. When their work is disrupted by a pandemic, their families are instantly impacted and at great risk. Our partner organization, DSK, is […]

Update from the Field | Kumira, Bangladesh

Meet the indigenous Tripura peopleWater1st staff recently traveled to Kumira, Bangladesh with a group of supporters and students from our Global Fellows program. The Kumira community is a settlement of displaced Tripura people. As the urban population grew, this ethnic minority was forced to migrate to extremely undesirable circumstances without access to water, electricity, or […]

Bangladesh Reflections | Sophia Dettweiler

In December, I had the opportunity to travel to Bangladesh as a Water1st Global Fellow and see the tremendous impact of clean water and sanitation on the health, happiness, and dignity of slum communities. I saw the huge difference in quality of life between communities with and without clean water and sanitation. When we visited densely populated […]