Just two weeks ago, Water1st staff was in Honduras visiting old and new projects, as well as communities in need of water systems. The visit was inspiring. Each community displayed a strength of spirit, an incredible commitment to hard work, and an ability to organize themselves and remain organized years later. And over and over community members shared their thanks to you, the Water1st donors.

We took part in the ribbon-cutting ceremony for a large project serving the four communities of San Jose, San Simon, San Antonio, and La Canfura. We were very happy to see Maria, who we met in 2012 when the project was started. Maria is now a member of the water board for her community of San Jose and the umbrella water board of the four communities combined.

“I am so happy,” Maria said. “I give thanks to God and thanks to Water1st for making this project happen. I can’t really believe that I don’t have to carry water anymore. It was so hard. My daughters had to carry water but my grandchildren never will. We are so grateful to you. Thank you. Thank you.”

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Below is a photo of Maria carrying water in 2012, something she will never have to do again.
maria in 2012
Maria at her new household “pila” (sink and washboard) in 2014!
maria at pila in 2014
As a member of the water committee, Maria signed the agreement officially handing over the water system to the community’s ownership.
maria signing water board agreement