Dina’s story | water changes everything

Our Founder & Executive Director first met Dina in 1996 in the small mountainside community of Los Sorrianos in western Honduras. As a bright and vivacious four year-old, Dina spent her days collecting water with her mother. The following year, with the support of our local partner, COCEPRADIL, the Los Sorrianos water project was completed. […]

Project Community Update | the impact of COVID-19

The leadership of our partners during this unprecedented pandemic has proven nothing short of extraordinary. The effective and unified actions of our in-country partners are protecting our project regions and saving lives. They are demonstrating the multitude of ways in which trusted leaders can mobilize and protect a community through effective messaging—this influence doesn’t happen […]

Honduras COVID-19 Update

Our Honduras partner, COCEPRADIL, has produced this video for social media, targeting young people who may be out in public and spreading the virus to their family members, espcially elderly parents and grandparents. 75 year old Don Raúl Cantarero of Candelaria, Honduras says this: “I am an old man, I am 75 years old. I […]

Update from the Field | Azacualpa Centro, Honduras

¡Viva, Azacualpa!Clean water is flowing in Azacualpa Centro! We just returned from Honduras where we were joined by over 1,000 people in Azacualpa Centro to cut-the-ribbon on their new water system. The full-day celebration was planned by the community and filled with original songs, skits, speeches, and poetry conveying gratitude, happiness, humor and stories to […]

Update from San Gabriel | 12 years later

In 2006 Water1st embarked on the construction of its very first community water system in rural Honduras. The isolated mountainside village of San Gabriel began by digging five miles of pipeline trench and constructing their own 6,500-gallon storage tank. This past March, during a routine monitoring visit, we returned to the community of San Gabriel. We […]

New friends, Bridget and Jaime, walk for water

Bridget is a high school sophomore who traveled to Honduras as part of the Water1st Global Fellows program, a Global Development field seminar in our project communities. This week-long experience includes one day of carrying water with women and girls from a project community. The Global Fellows, along with our network of youth advocates across the […]

Introducing the community of Azacualpa Centro

Azacualpa Centro is a community of 1,040 people with breathtaking views in rural Honduras. Most people work a variety of jobs depending on the season: they care for livestock, clear fields, and pick coffee. Every day, the women and girls walk to collect water for their families from the natural springs scattered across the mountainside, […]

Now my days start with a cup of coffee instead of a walk for water.

We first met Gloria Benitez, a mother of fourteen, in Las Cañadas, Honduras in 2017. We were introduced to her at a meeting near her water source where she collected murky water from a shallow stream. Gloria spoke first, describing how Water1st was one of many delegations to visit her community that so desperately needed […]

A Record-Setting 2018

A record-setting 2018, with even bigger dreams for 2019. We set several records in 2018, including raising over $3 million—which will provide 35,000 more people with clean water! You made this possible. You walked in record numbers, bought and shared $100,000 in award-winning wine, and raised $1 million in one unforgettable evening. Our youth programs […]

“We are flooded with peace”

Water1st staff made a monitoring visit to our Honduras partner in February 2018. This is one of the stories that inspired us and we wanted to share it with you. What inspires you to write poetry? Love? Loss? Wonders of nature? How about your water faucet? While that may not be true for a poet […]

2017 Honduras Water Tour | photos & stories from the field

Twenty-five supporters from Chicago, Phoenix, San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, and Seattle, as well as our Global Fellows, joined us for an unforgettable week in Honduras. Travelers endured miles of rough roads to experience spectacular scenery, a tour of a local coffee farm, the Mayan Ruins of Copan, and the opportunity to witness Hondurans changing their own […]

Ribbon cuttings & tortillas | Honduras site visit

Last week’s visit to Honduras was packed with activities and milestones.We are very proud to share the extraordinary work of our local partner, COCEPRADIL. Here’s what our non-stop week added up to: 10 travelers from Portland, Phoenix, and Seattle. 9 beautiful sunsets in the rugged and isolated mountains of western Honduras. 12 water system inaugurations. 39 new water system […]

January Visit to Honduras

We feel privileged every time we visit our local partner and project participants in Honduras. During our visit last month, we were greeted with hugs and words of thanks to you, the Water1st donors, for making their projects possible. With your support, 18 communities in the mountainous Lempira region now have water and toilets for […]

Breaking the ‘Cantaro’ and Ending the Walk for Water

Earlier this month we visited our projects in Honduras and celebrated the completion of two community projects that you helped make possible. Clean water is now being piped directly to all 300 households and available at the turn of a tap! At the San Bartolo-Capuca water inauguration ceremony, Eve (pictured above) stood before the community […]

A Loan-Based Project in Rural Honduras

Two more Honduras projects were completed, and two new large projects are now underway – there is a lot going on in our Honduras program right now! Two large projects, serving the communities of San Bartolo, Capuca and Ocote Solo in the municipality of San Andres, and the community of Portillo el Paraiso in Piraera, were recently completed. In […]

Honduras: Los Limones in Need of Clean Water

In January 2014, we visited the community of Los Limones in the municipality of Guarita, a project we plan to support in 2014. This project presents a very difficult technical challenge due to the distance to the water source – 18 kilometers – and extreme elevation difference. Pictured above is where community members do their […]