Update from Mozambique | Cyclone Recovery Efforts & Water System Progress

Following the cyclone that struck the region around Bilibiza, Mozambique this past April, residents have returned to rebuild their homes and are beginning to resume normal daily activities. With Water1st’s financial assistance, the community is engaged in cooperative efforts to plant gardens with short rotation crops, primarily vegetables. The sooner they can harvest the crops, […]

“I am beautiful!” | An update from Mozambique

Water has been flowing for over a year now in the community of 19 de Outubro, Mozambique and hope is in the air. An important part of our work is to listen to the community members we serve. The impact of our work is always visually obvious to us when visiting a community post-water project, […]

Water Flowing From A Faucet | Tears Of Happiness

When I turned the water on for the first time, I couldn’t control my emotions. Viaje Sicale Buana, 19 de Outubro, Mozambique How does a water project impact a community? The best answer to that question comes from beneficiaries themselves. Viaje Sicale Buana, from the village of 19 de Outubro, described her community’s project to […]

Is Something really better than Nothing?

Something is better than nothing. It’s a phrase that seems logical. How can one disagree with marginal improvement? Unfortunately, doing something can often get in the way of doing the right thing. A perfect case in point is The Latrine. Latrines are a common solution to the problem of managing human waste (poop!) in poor […]

Khadun Community-Based Organization

Water1st staff made a monitoring visit to our Bangladesh partner in December 2017. This is one of the stories that inspired us and we wanted to share it with you. DSK, our local partner in Bangladesh, has formed the Khadun Community-Based Organization to facilitate the implementation of water and sanitation programs. A young woman named […]

Water is Flowing in 19 de Outubro Village!

Water1st is working with Grupo de Saniemento de Bilibiza (GSB) to lead the implementation of high-quality water, toilet, and hygiene-education projects for the people of northern Mozambique. In 2017, we initiated a pilot project with GSB in the rural community of 19 de Outubro. Thanks to your generous support, Water1st’s Mozambique partner, GSB, completed the […]

Mozambique Site Visit: “Our Village is Beautiful”

We all feel a sense of home-town pride. No matter where we are from, we still carry a deep-seated affection for the place that nurtured us. On our recent visit to Mozambique to monitor the progress of our newest implementing partner, Grupo de Saneamento de Bilibiza (GSB), we were reminded of that universal truth. Our […]

Bangladesh site visit | Breaking the cycle of poverty

We recently visited Bangladesh to evaluate our projects in the urban slums of Dhaka and Chittagong. We are always thankful for the chance to connect with our colleagues abroad and to see how our projects are changing lives. Below are a few highlights from our visit. Breaking the Cycle of Poverty—Girls like Isra can go […]

Ethiopia Water Tour: “You have reached me before my time has passed”

A group of Water1st supporters will journey to Ethiopia for our 11th Water Tour. Since our first tour in 2006, 130 people have traveled with us to see our work firsthand. “You have reached me before my time has passed.” Every Water Tour has its defining moment. For the very first Water Tour, that moment unfolded […]

Meet Eti—she is transforming her community—thanks to YOU

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Eti lives in a slum neighborhood in Dhaka, Bangladesh with her husband and three children. Like millions living in slum settlements, they migrated from a rural area looking for work in the city. She works in a garment factory and he drives a taxi. Together, they earn $75 per month. They can’t afford proper housing, […]

Local Ethiopian Government Co-Financing of Dawo Kara project

The community of Dawo Kara, Ethiopia continues to make progress on their new water project. Our partner organization, Water Action, and the local government are working together to increase household sanitation conditions. Since the start of the project, 150 pit latrines have been constructed. Now 250 households in the Dawo Kara community have latrines. Another great […]

Water & Community Empowerment

What is the best way to achieve lasting change in poor communities around the world? At Water1st, we believe the answer lies in community empowerment. Community empowerment looks very different than international aid. Community empowerment begins with the belief that the most valuable and most effective force of change exists within the people living in […]

A new truck stop bathroom in Demra

[Above: Ribbon-cutting ceremony in December 2012 for Demra settlement’s new truck stop public toilet.] I’ve done my share of cross-country road trips (in 1967, ’69, ’74, ’75, ’76, ’79, ’82, ’84, ’87, ’95, ’98, and 2004). It doesn’t take a dozen to realize that a good, clean truck stop bathroom is worth driving hundreds of […]