Youth Spotlight: Why youth board member Lily walks

Too often, I take for granted the luxury of water and overlook the fact that billions of people lack access to this human right. I believe that all individuals deserve the resources and the opportunity to reach their potential. In high school, I was introduced to Water1st, a non-profit organization dedicated to combating the global […]

New friends, Bridget and Jaime, walk for water

Bridget is a high school sophomore who traveled to Honduras as part of the Water1st Global Fellows program, a Global Development field seminar in our project communities. This week-long experience includes one day of carrying water with women and girls from a project community. The Global Fellows, along with our network of youth advocates across the […]

Introducing the community of Azacualpa Centro

Azacualpa Centro is a community of 1,040 people with breathtaking views in rural Honduras. Most people work a variety of jobs depending on the season: they care for livestock, clear fields, and pick coffee. Every day, the women and girls walk to collect water for their families from the natural springs scattered across the mountainside, […]

Water1st International & Seattle Reign FC Form Partnership to Reduce Water Access Challenges for World’s Poorest

The Water1st Ethiopia Water Tour departs February 12. Travelers, including Seattle Reign FC players and Water1st Global Fellows, will experience the water crisis firsthand and meet the people and projects we support. Seattle – Water1st International is excited to announce a new partnership with professional women’s soccer team Seattle Reign FC. In addition to announcing the new partnership, Water1st […]

Seattle Carry5 Walk for Water Raises $120,000!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]More than 700 people carried water for 5 kilometers in solidarity with the millions of women and children around the world who still carry water every day. Together, walkers raised over $120,000—providing communities in Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Honduras with clean water at the turn of a tap! Thank you for ending the walk for water […]

Nishka to Celebrate her 10th Birthday at Carry5!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] In a few days Nishka will turn 10. She talked with her parents about what she wanted to do for her BIG birthday. When they heard about the Carry5 Walk for Water, Nishka decided Carry5 would be the perfect way to celebrate her 10th birthday. Instead of birthday gifts, Nishka has invited her friends […]

The Northwest School Continues to Lead the Way!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] The 8th-grade class at Seattle’s Northwest School has participated in the Carry5 Walk for Water since 2008, funding a total of five water projects in Ethiopia. This year more than 40 students are walking with their school’s Carry5 team, and have raised more than $7,000 so far. Thanks to a generous donor, their total […]

Meet 8-year-old Sophie

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] 8-year-old Sophie is raising money for the Seattle Carry5 Walk for Water on May 31. So far she’s raised nearly $525. Here’s her story. “I have a lot of things to do (like school, piano, soccer, campfire club and climbing) but I am doing this because out of all of those things, Water1st is […]

Hayden’s World Water Day Editorial

We first met Hayden in 2007 when he was in kindergarten. He came into the office with his mom, Angele, to deliver the allowance he had saved up for Water1st. Hayden is now in 8th grade and an active member of our Middle School Board. In the past year we have grown our high school […]

Involving Your School/Youth Group + Carry5 Walk for Water

Water1st Presentations We’d love to involve your school, scout troop, place of worship, or company. To help generate momentum and participation in our upcoming Carry5 Walk for Water, we’re available to come talk to your group about the world water crisis and how you can make a difference. We also have a Water Curriculum for […]

Bishaan Lubbuudah – Water is life: My week in Ethiopia

Atsedu made it look so easy; light-footed and charging up the hill with 40-pounds of water strapped to her back. We could barely keep up and our water cans were only filled half-way. The guide kept telling her she needed to slow down for us and she would just turn around and smile. This past […]

Though We May Be Slight, We Can Lead This Fight

Queen Anne Elementary’s 2nd grade classes learned about the global water crisis and the work of Water1st this spring. They kids shared stories about water with one another, and during music class, under Connor Desai’s leadership, took the stories and created lyrics to a song that will be performed at their school assembly. QAE came […]

Carry5 Walk for Water Raises over $100,000

Over 700 walkers of all ages carried water for 5 kilometers in solidarity with the 1 billion people around the world who still carry water every day. Together, walkers and their sponsors raised a record $102,000 – providing communities in Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Honduras with clean water at the turn of a tap! Thank you […]

Navalent Consulting Sponsors a Water Point

Navalent formed a team for the Carry5 Walk for Water. They raised over $7,000 and sponsored a water point in Gonbisa Kussaye, Ethiopia, which was completed in February 2014. “We were thrilled by the encouragement and expressions of gratitude we received for participating in Carry5. As we sent out our fundraising pages to friends and family, we […]

Lemonade + Seedling Stands = Clean Water for 135 people

Elli is a 7th grader at TOPS K-8 and serves on the Water1st Middle School Board. Through her participation in Carry5, she has raised $10,000 for water projects. “When I first heard about Carry5 I was in 2nd grade. Water1st came to our school and showed us a video about girls and women who had to […]

Water1st Middle School Board Member Travels to Ethiopia

Max is a 7th grader at Bush School. In February 2014 he and his mom traveled to Ethiopia with Water1st. The experience gave him a new perspective. “It was an amazing experience in so many ways. I got to see, smell, taste, and hear things that I’d never experienced before. But what really has stayed […]